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What are the advantages and disadvantages of pine wood and a reputable place to sell this type of wood

Sunday, 10/29/2023, 20:13, (GMT+7)

You want to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of pine wood and a reputable place to sell this type of wood. Today, let’s join Phuong Dong Wood through this article to better understand this information.

Pine has the scientific name Pinaceae, this is a plant belonging to the Pine family, growing all over the world. Pine lives and grows most mainly in temperate climates or areas with altitudes above 1200m above sea level. This is considered a soft wood, with high hardness and impact resistance. These properties of pine wood make it a favorable choice for making furniture. Pine wood is easier to work with due to its soft nature. There are many advantages that make it perfect for modern furniture making. The characteristics of pine trees are large, round trunks, needle-shaped leaves, fragrant trunks, upright growth, and easy-to-cut wood.

Traditionally, pine was used for rustic and handmade style pieces but today this has changed. You can see it being used to make a lot of different interior styles. If you walk into a furniture store, you will see pine beds, pine tables and chairs, pine wardrobes and many other pine things.

Characteristics and properties of pine wood

  • Aesthetics: Wood can be recognized by its color and grain. The color of the heartwood of pine ranges from light brown to reddish brown, the sapwood is light yellow, sometimes white. Its color becomes darker over time. Pine wood has many round, dark brown grains. This is considered a special point that helps us recognize pine wood. Besides, pine trees also have living eyes, this is a very unique beauty when crafted.
  • High durability: Pine wood is known for its average water resistance and insect resistance. Besides, it has good bearing capacity so it is very suitable for making furniture.
  • Applicability: Pine wood is light in weight and has good glue and adhesion properties, and can be compatible with many different types of wood. Therefore, the applications of wood are increasingly expanding.
  • Popularity: Pine wood is in abundant supply and very affordable. Therefore, every family can use and expand the popularity of this material source.
  • In general, pine is a strong impact-resistant material, suitable for furniture, especially if you like rustic style. Over time, pine gains a patina that gives it an antique-like quality, which is an attractive look to some people. Indentations and moldings embedded in the wood help add to that rustic look.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of pine wood?

Pine wood furniture comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs and the advantages and disadvantages of pine wood, choose the right wood for your intended use.


Price: Regular wooden furniture is much cheaper than other types of raw wood. The fact that pine trees grow quickly is the main reason for this price difference. Pine trees require less care and take less time to market, allowing growers to sell their wood at lower prices. If you are primarily focused on price, pine is an attractive choice.
Color: Because of its light color, pine furniture matches well with other furniture in your home. Pine blends well with many wall colors, patterns, and other details in your decor.
Easy to change color: Pine wood is a wood that easily adheres to paint, so it is quite easy to achieve your desired color. This gives you many different finishing options. You can also keep the color natural by choosing a clear coat. Pine responds well to different types of cladding, so you will get quality results no matter which coating option you choose, laminate, veneer, etc.
Hardness: Pine is a soft wood, but its hardness is very good. This makes it durable and sturdy for interior use. It’s not quite as sturdy as other hardwoods, but the durability is okay.
Lighter weight: Furniture made from pine is still moderately heavy and sturdy, it is lighter than other natural woods. That lighter weight makes it convenient to move furniture making it easier to rearrange your furniture with less weight. The average weight of 1 m3 of dry yellow pine is 470 kg and the weight of 1 m3 of fresh wood is 890 kg: a difference of nearly 2 times. The weight of 1m3 of white pine is 420 kg and the weight of 1m3 of fresh wood is 790 kg. Under allowable humidity conditions of 12%, yellow pine weighs 520kg/m3 and white pine weighs 450 kg/m3.
Impact resistance: Pine wood is impact resistant, helping to significantly reduce damage caused by impacts.
Distinctive Appearance: Pine has a very distinct appearance with dark eyes and light wood color. If this style suits your taste, that distinctive look is a benefit worth considering when making furniture.
Little impact on the environment: Because pine trees grow very quickly, cut down trees will soon be replaced by new growth trees. Pine trees grow well on plantations or farms with little impact on natural habitats, while most other natural woods such as oak used in furniture often come from old-growth forests.
Resistant to shrinkage and swelling: While any type of wood can shrink and swell due to differences in humidity and temperature, pine is resistant to damage. By minimizing shrinkage and swelling, the pine tree retains its original shape.


Little stylistic versatility: While pine can suit most styles, it tends to lean more toward a rustic, country style. If you prefer a more modern style, you may find pine wood not to your liking.
Increased signs of wear: Pine has hard qualities, but the wood does not have as much strength and wear resistance as other hardwoods. Pine wood can dent and scratch easily.
More maintenance: Due to its tendency to scratch, damage and rust over time, pine wood typically requires more maintenance than other hardwoods. If you don’t mind the aged look, you can get by with less maintenance. However, if you want to retain the original condition of your pine furniture, you may need to refinish the interior and repair any damage that has occurred.
Possibility of multiple eyes: When choosing pine furniture, keep an eye out for their eyes. Too many eyes can make the furniture feel like it is not durable or beautiful.

  1. SpruceSpruce wood, Vietnamese name is White Pine wood, scientific name is: Pinus sylvestris. Spruce wood originates from dense forests in Finland, Sweden and central, northern and southern regions of Europe. Fertile soil conditions and favorable climate have given birth to large, thick-grained, strong wood trees that are easy to process and produce fine arts. White pine is the type of wood with the most applications among pine wood types. Because it possesses a beautiful form and durable structure. The price compared to yellow pine is higher, but in return the quality is better and the appearance is more beautiful, often used as exterior details of furniture such as dining tables, cabinet doors or wooden doors (where possible). shows off the rich grain of white pine wood).

    White pine is quite durable, the wood surface has good antibacterial properties along with harmonious colors from the red of the heartwood to the pale white of the sapwood, creating a beauty that is both elegant and rustic but still impressive and impressive. luxurious.

  2. Yellow pine The current yellow pine on the Vietnamese market mainly belongs to two pine varieties: Radiata and Taeda.

    Radiata pine is a versatile and fast-growing softwood with medium density, suitable for many uses, imported mainly from countries: New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Spain, etc. This is considered one of the most widely used trees in the world, has fast growing value and produces very good quality lumber. Currently, Radiata pine is the material that is positioned to have the best quality and higher price than other types of pine wood in the Vietnamese market.

    The Taeda Pine, commonly known as the Loblolly Pine, is one of a number of pine trees native to the Southeastern United States, from East Texas to Florida and north to Southern New Jersey. This pine is now also found in many South American countries such as Brazil, Uruguay…. The characteristics of Taeda pine are usually hard and strong, easily torn when nailed or processed. Taeda has a heavier weight and relatively darker color than Radiata pines. The nature of this pine is more oily, making the paint layer on Taeda more difficult to adhere to. The oil separation technique of pine wood and kiln-dried sawn in Taeda growing countries is often lower than in other countries, so the price of Taeda pine wood is often lower than Radiata, very suitable for export furniture businesses specializing in pine wood. Large quantity but guaranteed quality, economical.

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Radiata Newzealand

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Taeda Brazil

Composite pine wood

Composite pine wood flooring is one of the most popular interior products. Composite pine wood is a type of wood assembled from solid natural pine wood, which has undergone termite and anti-mold treatment. Composite pine wood is often cheaper and is often used for home interior spaces to ensure natural beauty, comfort and cost savings.

Eastern Lumber Co., Ltd – A reputable supplier of pine wood

Pine wood has always been one of the main types of wood that we have supplied to the Vietnamese market for many years. Wood sources from reputable suppliers in Chile, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Finland, Brazil,… have been welcomed by many units and have become our regular customers. We are ready to supply large quantities of pine wood according to customers’ order needs, retail or sell whole domestic containers, import directly to Ho Chi Minh ports, Quy Nhon ports, Da Nang ports, and Ho Chi Minh ports. Hai Phong.

Eastern Lumber Co., Ltd was established in 2007, specializing in supplying round timber and sawn timber from the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, … for the domestic market.

Phuong Dong Wood provides many types of imported sawn timber and round timber such as: White Oak – White Ash – Red Oak – Walnut – Cherry – Poplar – Soft Maple – Hard Maple – Alder – Beech – Pine – SPF ( Canadian pine wood)– Spruce (Spruce wood)- Sapelli (Xoan wood) – Doussie (Redwood wood) – Wenge (Black Rose wood) – Bubinga (Rosewood wood) -Padouk (Red Rose wood) – Mukulungu (wood Sen) – Tali (Imwood wood) – Okume (Mahogany wood)… with diverse specifications and quality according to international grading standards.

Phuong Dong Timber’s source of sawn timber is imported directly from the kiln-dried sawmill unit: sawn timber products must always ensure moisture, quality, volume, measurement as required, and compliant wooden packages with intact strings. belts and raw materials from the production unit to the hands of customers. Round wood sources imported from Africa, Europe, America, Australia are classified according to standards 1SC, 2SC, 3SC, 4SC or (A, AB, ABC). Round wood or sawn wood products are clearly guaranteed of legal wood origin and inspected according to wood import requirements.

From 2007 to present, Phuong Dong Wood has been a reliable and regular partner of many large export wood production units, domestic construction units of houses, villas, resorts, and manufacturing units. Small and medium sized, handicraft establishments, wood shops, sawmill establishments, etc. Customers gradually increase over the years, the distribution market is in all 3 regions: South, Central and North.

In addition to customers coming to view and choose wooden cases at the warehouse address: Street 10, Song Than I Industrial Park, City. Di An, Binh Duong, we also deliver whole containers of round wood and sawn wood from the ports of Ho Chi Minh City / Quy Nhon / Da Nang / Hai Phong to customers’ warehouses or supply large quantities of many types of wood at reasonable prices. CIF Ho Chi Minh, Quy Nhon, Da Nang and Hai Phong.

We are always confident about “quality” – “service” – “price” that over the past 14 years have accompanied our customers – our dynamic, professional business team is always ready to consultation and quote!

Conclusion: Hopefully with the information provided, it can partly help you “Find out what the advantages and disadvantages of pine wood are and where reputable sellers of this type of wood are”, from which you can make suggestions. Make the most accurate decision about purchasing a product that suits your needs. We look forward to receiving contact information from customers in the near future so that Phuong Dong Wood has the opportunity to become a reliable partner providing pine wood for your business in the future.

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