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Together with Eastern Lumber Co., Ltd, we answer: Is oak good?

Sunday, 10/29/2023, 20:50, (GMT+7)

Vietnam is one of the countries with the fastest development speed in the world. Therefore, the demand for housing is also increasing, leading to an increasing demand for furniture, especially furniture products made from natural wood. There are many different types of natural wood, especially imported wood, but oak is still one of the types of wood that many people trust. So is oak wood good? Let’s find out together today in the article below!

Is oak wood good, advantages and disadvantages and points to note?

Currently, oak is imported from many different countries, but we can summarize that there are two sources: from Europe (Countries with large reserves and regular exports are Croatia, France, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, …) and America. Oak wood in each country will have some differences because of differences in climatic conditions, soil conditions and the way the wood is harvested, sawed and dried. However, in general, oak will be divided into two main types: White oak and Red oak with the following outstanding characteristics:

White oak

White oak has the English name White oak. Wood has an average weight of 769kg/m3, hardness of 6049N. The sapwood is light in color, the  heartwood ranges from light brown to dark brown. White oak wood is hard and heavy, with moderate bending and compressive strength. The wood has low strength but is easy to bend with steam. White oak mostly has straight grain with longer rays than red oak. White oak heartwood is resistant to insect attack due to its high tannin content.

White oak wood has a “callous” cell structure, tightly bonded so it does not allow water to seep through. Because of this characteristic, in addition to being used to make interior products (cabinets, tables, chairs, beds, etc.), white oak is also used to make wine barrels, build boats and for other projects. outdoor project. So white oak will be the perfect answer to the question is oak good?

Red oak

Red oak has the English name Red oak. Wood has an average weight of 705 kg/m3, hardness of 5738N. The sapwood is white to light brown, the heartwood is pinkish red brown. Red oak wood is hard and heavy, has the ability to withstand bending forces and has average strength. Wood has high compressive strength and is easy to bend with steam. Red oak heartwood has poor resistance to rot but is relatively easy to treat with preservatives.

Red oak does not have a bottle-shaped structure, so it is not used as a wine barrel. Red oak is relatively resistant to rot and rot, so it is often used to make furniture such as doors, floorboards, kitchen cabinets, architectural carved wood, decorative wood, paneling, jewelry boxes, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of oak wood

In addition to the detailed information about the two types of oak wood above, Phuong Dong Wood would like to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of oak wood in general so that you can evaluate whether oak wood is  good?


  • Oak wood is hard, strong, heavy, and termite-proof after being treated.
  • Oak wood has a normal torsional resistance but is highly resistant to compression and is especially easy to bend with steam.
  • The wood withstands machines well, has good grip on screws and nails. Wood can be stained and polished to a fine finish.


Oak dries slowly and tends to crack and warp when dried or quickly dried.
Wood is easily deformed when dry due to its large shrinkage, so special attention must be paid to this issue during the drying process.
Oak wood will react with iron, so when making products, you should use galvanized or copper-plated nails, screws, and screws to ensure the longevity of the product. And if possible, all joints should be made correctly with minimal use of nails and screws.

Besides, our ancestors always had the saying: “The lasting value depends on the person”, so the answer to the question of good oak wood no longer depends on how you use and preserve it. While using oak products (furniture, tools), you should use a dry, clean cotton towel to wipe liquids and dirt on the surface, do not use a damp towel, and avoid wiping in circular motions. . You should only use polishes specifically for oak wood and carefully read the instructions for use and preservation of the products.

Imported oak wood is currently sold at many different prices and the quality is completely different, so if you want to buy good quality oak wood at a reasonable price, customers need to consider carefully and remember clearly. Note the following:

  • You should choose a long-standing, reputable business unit. In fact, these units often receive more incentives when importing goods from abroad, they have many sources of supply, and can import wood at better prices than other units.
  • Choose units with diverse imported wood sources, standard colors, many quality levels and guaranteed supply volume to meet regular orders from factories.
  • Choose units with maximum support policies and door-to-door delivery.
  • The units have a team of professional and enthusiastic consultants, always providing customers with complete material information.

Eastern Lumber is always proud to be a supplier of imported wood materials that can fully ensure the above factors. For interior design and construction workshops, processing companies, and furniture manufacturers for export, choosing Phuong Dong Wood as a raw material supplier will help save maximum input costs. It also helps develop business thanks to good wood and quality products. Not only does it enhance reputation with customers and partners, but it also maintains and develops sustainable business.


With the information and analysis above, you certainly no longer wonder whether oak wood is good or not. Besides, you also know the notes when using oak wood, and  know what oak wood suppliers in particular and imported wood types in general need to ensure. If you need more information or have any questions about imported wood, do not hesitate to contact Eastern Lumber for the most enthusiastic and accurate advice.

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